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In 2008, Shannon O’Donnell began traveling the world. Since that day, quite a few things have happened. The folks at National Geographic named her Traveler of the Year for her work in responsible tourism. Millions of you found your way to this corner of the internet (holy cow!). And together they created an entire community with one common belief: A life of travel creates a story of the world worth telling.

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A little honesty . on safety and solo female travel
Concerns about my safety on the road plagued those who love and care about me when I first announced my plan to travel solo around the world. Long-term travel is still an uncommon practice in the United States (compared to Europe and Australia) so perhaps the chief issue I dealt with was the fact that most of my friends had never heard of someone taking a round the world trip.
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A little story . the origins of chocolate and effects of grassroots tourism
Rain pelted darts of moisture into my skin as we stumbled off the bus into a huddle of quizzical faces. Their complete bafflement signaled a slice of doubt in my mind as the bus handler hurled our luggage under the shelter and sped down the road, leaving Ana, my dad, and me at mile marker 25: Silico Creek.
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A little oasis . fun, mud, and friends on beach in Mexico
I found a slice of paradise last week. I rarely use terms like "paradise" because it feels overdone to claim each new place is better than the next. But in terms of where I was personally, this place was a slice of perfection for what I needed at that moment. From my town, the hike to this secluded mud beach is two hours
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A little story. and the case for planning a trip to Nepal
The first strings of a melody slid into the corners of the room as the musician strummed her guitar. The nearby interpretive dancer stood frozen in place, eyes cast upward as she waited for her cue. The tiny grandma behind me bobbed from side-to-side over my shoulder, attempting to see past my tall frame. I slouched deeper into my folding chair.
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