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Why and how this site was started.

In 1992 I backpacked through many countries in Europe. I guess that is when I first got hooked on traveling and escaping. Since then I have did what many travelers do, continually tried to scrape up enough money to travel again. So I have got to see and live in many countries around the world. But I guess this lifestyle is not for everyone, but many people reading this I am sure can relate to a similar lifestyle.

After returning to the USA I once again become frustrated and depressed, not seeing the point of working jobs to buy a life I didn't want, so I went back to Ireland for six months, a few years later I was in Prague for six months. Years later I lived in India for a year and Nepal for a for a few months. I also tried Costa Rica and Vietnam for a few months. But Chiang Mai, Thailand has been where I have lived mostly since 2009.

I was from Seattle originally, then my parents moved to Los Angeles when I was a kid. Born in 1960, as I got older I lived in many other cities in the USA. Sometimes as a homeless vagabond, living in a van, at different times in my life. But living in a van isn't really being homeless, it is actually a great way to live and travel. More info about traveling in a van in the USA

Before creating the Travel Information Finder website I created the Travelers Coffee Kit. A non-profit product for children's charities. Looking for ways to get exposure and promote this product, I started to research travel websites and travel social media. But I found it was too time consuming to go through the hundreds of travel pages. So that is when I had the idea to create the Travel Information Finder website (a searchable list of travel websites, blogs and social media).

I hope this site is useful to you. - Thomas Cosley

Me and Billie bicycle cruzin at Wat Phra Singh
Me and Billie bicycle cruzin at Wat Phra Singh