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about – traveling in a van in the USA

There is much information about travel on the internet. But I believe there is a lesser know way to travel, for people that want to travel in the USA for very low cost. By traveling in a van or camper. And take showers at YMCAs or 24 Hour Fitness centers, that are across the USA. Other than that, hotels and hostels in the USA are crazy expensive for most travelers.

The last time I was traveling in a van I learned how to do it right, to make a comfortable living environment. I had a couple old Volkswagen vans in the past, but they are a little to small. In the photo below I am in my Astro long bed van I bought for $1,200. The extra space in a long bed really makes a big difference. But you have to be sure the van you buy is reliable.

I lived for two years in this van in San Francisco, Seattle and Austin. In the photo below I am in front of Candle Stick Park baseball stadium in San Francisco. I would usually find a good place to sleep at night, by quietly choosing a spot on a different residential street every night. There are spots around Golden Gate Park, where even some old hippies form the 60s are still around.

But the best place I ever found to park in the daytime is at Fort Mason, in the San Francisco Marina, next to Fisherman's Wharf. Parking is a nightmare in San Francisco, but this spot is a little known secret. This is in about the most beautiful area in San Francisco. But the land is owned by the military, so you can park all day for free!

About traveling in a van in the USA