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What is Angela Travels? The term weekend warrior comes to mind, which is more an outdoor term but applies to her lifestyle choice of being active and living a life of experiences. If she is not living in the Pacific North West of The USA chasing mountain adventures, She is trying to travel and be on the move, usually with her husband. She has found a ways to travel light and fast without any frills.

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5 reasons why traveling in the United States is traveling
I used to always think that travel only counted if you left the United States. As a kid, I had dreams of seeing the world and am still very much someone that wants to fill all the pages of my passport. In college, I traveled to the western U.S.-new territory for me-and started traveling outside of the U.S. and Canada. Why did I feel like I wasn't traveling if it wasn't out of North America?
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7 outdoor weekend trips from Seattle
Seattle is a gateway to outdoor themed vacations. In my opinion, adding outdoor recreation to your Seattle vacation allow you to experience more than touring museums and city sights. Get your hiking boots, climbing shoes, or skis and get ready for some outdoor adventures in Washington!
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Spring break - a brief guide to San Francisco
Spring break!!! Crazy beach parties? Booze? Unspeakable stories? My last spring break before graduating undergrad. I have never really taken a trip for spring break, which is one college experience I didn't want to regret. Being my frugal self and usually working during the school vacation, I decided to splurge and head to San Francisco.
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An itinerary for a weekend in Florida's Emerald Coast
From the squeaky-soft, white sand to the most perfect shade of turquoise water, it's no wonder how the Emerald Coast has earned its name. Not only is it a hot vacation destination for those that reside in the southern region of the USA, but it's also a favorite weekend getaway spot for local Floridians.
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