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In 2007, he hit the open road and headed to South America. He didn’t have a specific agenda or goal – just to travel abroad, see some interesting places and try not to get robbed. He didn’t realize until then that he wanted to live overseas, but by doing something that he found meaningful. He didn’t blog or write about it, and he doesn’t intend on writing about why you should go travel abroad or advocate doing anything more than sitting on your couch.

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6 awesome benefits of becoming a truck driver
It's safe to say that what people assume the life of a truck driver is, is quite different from the reality of it. And as many truck drivers will tell you, you don't truly understand until you've gotten behind the wheel yourself. Of course, there are the benefits that are less thought about, like not having to pay for gas to go to work, the ability to trade in business attire for your most comfortable clothes, and being able to listen to music, books, and podcasts on the job.
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5 useful tips how to find a good job abroad
It has always been thought that the job abroad has a lot of benefits. In addition, the previous work experience abroad is a very big advantage to get a very good job in your home country. If you are a brave and ambitious student and if you intend to get not only a diploma of one of the leading foreign universities but also a prestigious job abroad, perhaps the following tips will be helpful to you.
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The 10 most secluded places on the planet
Here is the list of 10 most secluded places where you can rest and relax. Even though some of the places are very close to big cities, they provide comfort for everyone.
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The 7 wonders of the world and why they are a must see
You have probably heard about them. They crossed your mind with great awe and naturally, you desired to visit them and have a feel of just how they are. The Seven Wonders of the World keep on existing in the bucket lists of millions of travelers, but some people don't even have an idea of what they might be.
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