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The “L” stands for her, Lillie Marshall, a 6-foot-tall Teacher-Traveler from Boston. She has been a public school English teacher since 2003, and love teaching… beyond even her passion for avocados! By day she teaches, and by night she writes, ever since she launched this blog in 2009. She travels during school breaks, and cuddle with her two mischievous yet cute kiddos throughout it all.

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How to travel with a baby: 11 tips to make it easy!
I'd been replying with long emails and extended phone conversations, when it suddenly occurred to me: Why not compile all the advice into one super-useful article on how to transport, feed, pack for, and entertain a baby while away from home? Here it is, chums. From now on if you ask me, I'm sending you this link! I hope it's useful enough that you'll share it, too.
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DNA test fun: ancestry travel inspiration!
"Do DNA kits even work?" I muttered, pulling the colorful box from its packaging. I've heard of so many people learning their ancestry from spit testing recently, that when 23andMe offered a trial, I couldn't resist.
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Sometimes wives and mothers want to spend time alone, or even solo travel! Here's an odd example.
Imagine you win a free trip to a Caribbean island. but the only catch is, there is only ONE plane ticket provided, and you're married with two kids. How would you feel? What would you do? Miraculously, this just happened to me, and what it revealed was striking.
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Provincetown, Cape Cod: 17 hot photos and travel tips
Well, check YOU out, Massachusetts! Provincetown, MA - the tip of Cape Cod - was just named the #1 beach town in all of America by Travel and Leisure Magazine! I shall now support that thesis by sharing 17 gorgeous photos of the town that I snapped during my visit this summer. Perhaps this will be a motivating kick in the rump for folks to visit P-Town before the weather turns cold!
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