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It’s a tragic result of his upbringing that he has absolutely zero interest in ever holding down a dour 9 to 5 job, raising 2.5 rug rats, and having a mortgage. Instead, he daydreams about a life of scuba diving, beaches, drinking, video gaming, new adventures, and bedding buxom wenches. Well, just the one buxom wench lately. She’s pretty amazing though.

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Five interesting European towns waiting to be discovered
Planning your itinerary for a European holiday can be difficult because of the seemingly endless list of places that you can visit. Whether you would like a relaxed holiday or be physically active, there is a unique destination off the beaten path that is perfect for every traveler, including these five fascinating European towns listed below.
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Beijing or Shanghai?
My recent introduction of the showdown between Egypt or Turkey was a popular one, so I thought I'd do another and have it a little bit closer to home this time around. It seems like every nation has its fierce city rivalries. You've got New York versus Los Angeles in the US, Sydney versus Melbourne in Australia, and a bizarre Paris versus London rivalry that spans countries.
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Reflecting on the great US road trip
It's hard to believe that it's almost been eighteen months since myself, my mate James, and our red Mustang undertook the five week Great US Road Trip that took us from San Francisco all the way to New York. It had been the culmination of months of planning and years of daydreaming and it was amazing.
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