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Her name is Kirsten. she has worn a lot of hats in her career, but her first and foremost always a photographer. she hasn’t been to many countries she couldn’t find a reason to enjoy. She never read about a period in history she wasn’t interested in. She is a lover of culture and adventure, She is always seeking to know more. She is a romantic and an optimist at heart.

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Photo diary from a trip to Rome
I'd been several times before but Danté never had and as someone who is Italian American, I thought it was time he changed that. We'd also both seen video of a phenomenon which is supposed to occur in Rome during the winter months, when clouds of starlings can be seen all over the city.
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Reasons you should visit California's 8 rural regions
I was a typical tourist to California before September. I'd experienced greater Los Angeles at length, driven Highway 1 from San Francisco down to LA and back again. I'd been to San Francisco even more times than LA and I'd even gone so far as to call San Francisco home for a stint many years ago. I thought I knew California.
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First thoughts after a trip to Egypt
The majority of those people who offered a reaction to my doing this trip other than, "Can't wait to see photos!" usually said something along the lines of, "Please be safe." or "OMG I can't believe you're going there. Is it safe to do that?".
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Help save elephants for world Elephant Day
Every day in Africa, somewhere on the continent, an elephant loses its life to illegal poaching on average of every 15 minutes. More than 90 elephants a day lose their lives for the ivory in their tusks.
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13 Photos from Fall in Scotland
We flew into and out of Edinburgh where we picked up a rental car. In between we drove to visit Glasgow, Isle of Arran (for which we took a car ferry), Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, Glen Coe, Glen Etive and Fort William. Fall in Scotland proved to be very picturesque, and no less magical than I always believed it to be before, no matter what part of the country we were in.
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