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Matt ia a guy from Iowa that somehow ended up living in Queenstown, New Zealand – one of the most beautiful places in the world. He is the founder of New Zealand’s largest travel planning and booking website, Planit NZ. Here on Backpacking Matt, he shares photos and stories of his adventures around New Zealand and the world. He absolutely loves Instagram, and shares daily photos from his latest adventures there.

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An open letter to twenty-somethings in America
Dear Twenty-Somethings in America. You're not moving around or across the US - at least this was the case made by Todd and Victoria Buccholz in a New York Times essay on Sunday. Why? For a number of reasons I suppose. The Atlantic's Derek Thompson questioned their points in an article on today, yet ultimately comes to the same conclusion: young Americans aren't migrating throughout America as they are often underpaid, underemployed and very often high in debt.
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7 awesome places in New Zealand you've never heard of
It's been pretty quiet here on the blog front over the previous weeks; my Spring, Summer and Autumn consisted of me either learning to paraglide, going on backcountry mountain bike rides, or running I'm stoked to finally get a post up, and couldn't be happier to give my good mate Bruce a chance to plug some out-of-the-way New Zealand destinations you've probably never heard about.
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A quick visit to Melbourne
I associate one thing with visits to Melbourne - DUMPLINGS. Beautiful, flavorful, pork, garlic, or shrimp filled dumpling goodness. In China, dumplings are laid out on New Years Eve to bring you wealth in the months ahead. In Melbourne's Chinatown, any dumplings laid out on my table are inhaled immediately.
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A first timer's guide to travelling Ireland
The first time I visited Ireland, I fell in love. Not only did I fall in love with Ireland, I fell in love with TRAVEL. Traveling Ireland led me on the path to where I am now; living and working in New Zealand. There's something about exploring the Emerald Isle that epitomises everything that's awesome about travelling.
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