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So who's this girl on the other side of the computer screen? She is just a normal girl from Southern California who has been adventuring around the globe nonstop since September 2012. She never had a trust fund, and never thought of myself as particularly brave, but five years later, She is still traveling the globe and sharing the exact way that she does it on this blog.

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The truth about naysayers
Lately I've been meeting more solo female travelers on the road (yay!), and asking about their stories. I love learning what motivates someone to travel alone, whether it's the freedom, the desire to heal, or because it's just the best way to travel. Ever.
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20 unexpectedly awesome destinations for solo female travelers
So you've decided that you want to see the world - I applaud you! - and you're thinking of all of the amazing places you can go. You're going to learn so much about yourself and meet so many fabulous new friends, beautiful strangers, see so many vibrant landscapes and skyscrapers, too. The world is your oyster, but the question is, where do you start?
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The cost to travel everywhere in the world
Picking a destination for your trip isn't always easy. There are so many factors to consider, like what kind of weather you want, what activities you enjoy, and what cultures intrigue you the most. Being real, though, the biggest consideration is usually finances.
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The random act of kindness that changed everything
It had been a tiring day. It was take two of my attempt at climbing Kawah Ijen and I had woken up at 1am in order to see the stars and blue flames. My high from the natural beauty plummeted upon making my way down.
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