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He is on his second two year trip around the world. Yes second!!! During his first two year trip he visited 30 countries and over 100 cities. He also fell in love in Cairo, but giving the circumstance he was the last goodbye. He does not know how to describe what those two years were for him, but do know they were the most amazing thing he has ever done in his life and know he will never be the same because of them.

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100 days into my "breakaway" & I don't understand why "we" don't have equal rights.
It's 6:03am on Saturday June 5, 2011 I am barely getting home from Playa 69 (the only gay club in Playa del Carmen). I'm actually not drunk, but buzzing (I stopped drinking a while ago). For the last few days I have been thinking about what I'm going to say/write about for my "100 days on the road" post. I know it's a huge achievement (at least I think its pretty fetch) and I should be writing about how happy I am and how amazing backpacking around the world is.
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200 days into my "breakaway" & I still get scared.
I'm sitting at a little café in Chefchaouen, Morocco and I can't believe two things. 1) I AM IN AFRICA & 2) THAT I AM WRITING MY 200 DAYS POST. Seems like just yesterday I was wondering why "WE" don't have equal rights for my 100 days post (for the record I still wonder). At that time I was still in Playa del Carmen gearing up for my Brothers Wedding and little did I know the next 100 days would be just as amazing if not more than my 1st 100 days.
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300 days into my "breakaway" & I now know I don't want to do this forever.
It's my 300th day on the road. I know crazy 300 I can't even believe it myself. I mean really. who would have thought I'd make it this far? I sure as hell didn't. I'm being honest when I say that. Now though I look back and am in awe at what I now know I can accomplish. I know it's just traveling, but damn it's not easy. The last 100 days have been amazing filled with HIGHS & LOWS.
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The worst toilet experience of my life (so far)!!!
Before I tell you about my time in darling Darjeeling. I have to share with you the worst toilet experience of my life (so far). I say so far because I know I still have a long time on the road and know even after this adventure it won't be my last. I am sure I will have many more. I honestly though never thought I would be writing a post about a toilet experience of mine. About squat toilets maybe, but an experience no.
Written by Breakaway Backpacker - see the post
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