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Several years ago, after getting a handle on a case of severe anxiety, She made herself a promise. That promise was to not let fear make her decisions for her. When an opportunity presents itself and she would initially want to say no, she always asks herself if that negative is the voice of fear. In that case, she vowed to turn that no into a yes. That promise, along with the dedication to living her bucket list.

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10 incredible ways a bucket list can improve your life
The very words "bucket list" can stir up some pretty heave-duty fears. Defined as a list of things to do before you die, it can be a reminder of our own mortality, and death is typically something we would rather not think about. But, the reminder that our time is limited is actually one of the best gifts we can be given. It is one that can guide us to achieve what is most important to us before it is too late.
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12 bucket list goals that can actually save you money
There are plenty of ways to save money, but the trick is finding the ones that can also be motivating, healthy and just plain fun so it seems like you do not have to sacrifice too much. An easy way to do this is by turning your bucket list goals into saving techniques. For example, learning to cook doesn't only save money on dining out, but could also lead to a romantic homemade dinner at home with your spouse.
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Life list: 100 amazing things to do before you die
Float in the Dead Sea, see a broadway musical, stand in front of the Taj Mahal or trek to Mount Everest Base Camp-What's on your ultimate life list? It's never too early to start a list of incredible things to do in your lifetime.
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Dog bucket list: 45 fun things to do with your furry pet
Canine friends can play a wide variety of roles in a person's life. They can be the food allergen detector, the stress reliever, the security officer, the travel companion and even the wingman. However, it's a fact that they won't be around forever. This is why you should treasure every moment you have with them.
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