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His name is Josh and he has been running this website with the help of his wife for over five years. In that time, it has been viewed more than 10 million times from countries all over the world and has been written about or mentioned in places like the LA Times and Good Morning America. He has an immense love for the outdoors and photography, so he created the site as a way to document his adventures and encourage others to do the same.

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The big list of strange, fun & unique attractions in Southern California
I love visiting unusual places. They are often the places that have earned their spot in California history simply because the owner is trying to do something new. Whether it is a hike, a restaurant, or just a collection of odd things, this list is dedicated specifically to the unique stuff I visit in Southern California (from Kern County down). It will be an ever-expanding and growing list that will hopefully help you to find many fun attractions right outside your door.
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The big list of northern California strange & unique spots
After writing about my favorite strange spots in Southern California, I realized that there are a lot of people that like exploring unique stuff like I do. While I haven't traveled to Northern California as much as I would like, I do have a lot of recommendations, and this post will continue to grow and expand as I find new places to visit.
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Pacific Coast Highway: where to stop on your road trip
I have driven the entirety of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) through California twice and many sections multiple times. One of the questions I am most often asked is "What is the best place to stop along Pacific Coast Highway?" This question led to the creation of this post, in which you can learn about some of my favorite stops. I have also included a guide for taking a seven-day journey on PCH yourself, history of this highway and my recommendations for food and hotels.
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Fun Stops on the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas
The long stretch of road between LA and Vegas is basically a rite of passage for many a 21-year-old Californian. It takes about 4 and half hours (if you go the speed limit) and many believe it is just desolate desert with nothing to do. While a lot of the travelers just want the drive to be fast, there is actually a lot to do on the way. Use this post to make your next drive more of an adventure and less of a race. These stops are in order of the drive starting from Los Angeles.
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