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After 25 years of marriage they sold their house, ditched most of their possessions and took off to travel around the world for what they thought would be a year. It’s a trip they wish they had taken when they were younger but somehow life always got in the way. They didn’t think they would be going at this point in their lives but family circumstances did not work out the way their had hoped.

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So you want to chuck it all and travel the world?
In 2011, when Larissa was 52 and Michael 51, we walked away from our jobs in, respectively, life sciences and commercial real estate. Heartbreaking personal circumstances made our careers, and even our home, seem irrelevant and we needed a major shakeup in our lives.
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Avoiding scam artists on vacation
Even though we try not to look like tourists while traveling, there are still some places where visitors stand out and are approached by people trying to separate them from their money. To scam artists, tourists who are not familiar with local cultures or the language are an easy mark. In our travels we've picked up several tips for how to avoid scam artists on vacation.
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Field-tested travel tips: Should you pay in local currency while traveling?
We were using a credit card to buy a camera in Germany when when the sales clerk asked us, "Do you want that charged in euros or U. S. dollars?" Huh? We hadn't been asked that question before and really had no idea of the right answer. We assumed that, as Americans, we'd want to be charged in dollars and not pay in local currency while traveling overseas. Wrong answer.
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Handling language barriers while traveling
One question that keeps cropping up in our global travels is, "How do you handle language barriers while traveling?" As full-time global nomads, we can't become fluent in the language of every country we visit, that's just impossible.
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