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What happens when you realize the life you are living is the life you always dreamed of, but no longer the life you want? For her, this question began to loom over her head when she hit her 30-Life-Crisis (also known as turning 30). While she had a successful career in public relations that spanned Las Vegas and Atlanta, she no longer wanted to tout companies she didn’t believe in. She wanted to write. And travel.

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The time I quit my job again
I have no intention of quitting my job so soon after returning from Red Mountain Resort. Except, the words from the shaman and my reiki practitioner echo in my ears: remove what it is from your life that is causing you the unhappiness. And, while I am no longer unhappy, I certainly do not enjoy walking into the back office four days a week and doing the same annoying tasks, dealing with managing people who can't be managed.
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Traveling the world to say "thank you"
There are some nights you can't sleep because you are so excited for what the next day holds. Every night of my trip, that was my story. But, my last night in Brela, it stood true even more than usual. The next morning, Katie, David and I were boarding a bus up the coast to Split. And, I was going to go and find someone who had been a catalyst in getting me out of Atlanta and into the life I had been living. I was ridiculously excited, to say the least.
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Surviving Songkran
The stream of water from the squirt gun hits me dead in the eye. The sting is instantaneous. "Damnit! My eye!" I whimper as I attempt to wipe the water out. But, it's no use. I'm in the middle of the world's biggest water fight - Songkran - a celebration of the new year in Thailand. And, I'm in the hotbed of all of the action, Chiang Mai. For four days, the water battle leaves me drenched during daylight hours.
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Sexual assault as a solo female traveler
Following a month of emotional trauma, legal advice and a growing number of women coming forward sharing their own stories of sexual assault in hostels around the world, I chose to edit this blog post and name the hostel where I feel I was assaulted - Hostel Lybeer, also known as Lybeer Travelers' Hostel, in Bruges, Belgium. I have chosen to publish the owner - Stephane Kolijn's - comment to me as well. It is at the bottom of this post and includes my detailed response back.
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