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Her name is Amanda, and she likes to travel. Oh, you already figured that part out? Okay then. Here's the brief history of her life: She grew up on a Christmas tree farm in a small Ohio town with a good football team and even better marching band (go Raiders!). Nothing incredibly exciting happened there, except for the time in the early 90s when her neighbor (who was a mob boss) got shot and killed in his driveway.

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Why I'm not afraid to travel alone
in the past couple of weeks, I've received a handful of emails from women asking me all sorts of questions about traveling solo. I've also been interviewed for a couple articles about the "dangers" of traveling alone as a woman. I'm not sure why there's a sudden uptick in interest (or fear) surrounding solo female travel, but I figured that now would be as good a time as any to address the topic again on my blog.
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Why I won't get mad if you call me lucky
It happened a couple months ago, as I was entering back into the U.S. through immigration at Newark airport. I was standing in line waiting for my turn to get stamped in when I caught a snippet of the conversation happening two immigration lines away from me. An older African woman was going through immigration after her daughter. She handed over her passport and other documentation to the young immigration officer sitting in his cubicle, and answered his question about how long she was staying in the U.S.
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26 things travel has taught me
Today is my 26th birthday. Today, I leave my "early 20s" and cross over into my "late 20s." It's weird, in a way, because I feel like I barely got used to telling people I was 25, and now suddenly I'm a year older. Time certainly does fly when you're having fun - and I've definitely had my fair share of fun this past year!
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5 ways travel has made me more adventurous
There are many reasons that people choose to travel. To explore new places, meet new people, try new foods. The exact motivations may be varied, but, whether we realize it or not, we all travel for one basic reason: to better ourselves in some way. Whether that betterment comes in the form of increased cultural awareness or just a nice tan, it's always there just the same.
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Why I didn't quit my job to travel
You all know the story: cubicle-dweller dreams of travel, saves up money, and eventually waves adios to desk job and embarks upon a global adventure. It's a pretty standard story among long-term travelers - and especially amongst travel bloggers.
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