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Over the past 20+ years their core focus has been promoting experiential travel; their readers are actively interested in a wide range of travel & lifestyle experiences across a variety of budgets. He began Dave’s Travel Corner in late 1996 as a result of of a life-changing trip to Nepal in which he trekked near Everest Base Camp. He began writing a journal while he was on the trip and it was the notes from this journal that became the foundation.

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Happens when you travel
I didn't think much of it at first. His face was somewhat pale and the ever-present smile had been replaced by a slightly anguished expression. He mentioned he was cold but how could this be? We were in the middle of the hot and humid Cambodian jungle. Maybe it was just exhaustion from a long day of exploring Angkor Wat? I figured if we just rested a while, we'd be OK.
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Dreaming of my own private island in Aruba
Aruba is a Caribbean gem. The white sand beaches and crystal-clear blue water make it a legitimate standout. If you thought the Caribbean was all lush tropical foliage, you're in for a surprise when you see Aruba's desert landscape.
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Best beer cities in Europe
Beer. We love it. Drink it. Cook with it. we do everything with it. Our infatuation with beer goes back thousands of year, as a curative against common illnesses, a celebratory beverages, and even a centerpiece of religious ceremony, beer has been central to societies across the world for millennia. Perhaps there's no beer, however, like the best beer in Europe.
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9 extraordinary ways to experience Colorado's winter
Colorado is blessed with enough fleecy snow to make even Elsa jealous! Admiring the winter holiday is easy when there are many traditional winter activities to indulge. However, there are also more contemporary ways to experience the beauty of the winter. Grab your coat, check the event calendar, and let's venture into Colorado's winter wonderland!
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