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They are Lina & David, the adventurers behind Divergent Travelers and America’s Adventure Couple! Thanks for stopping by their little corner of the internet... It was on that trip that they learned about long term travel and after talking to some people that had left their ‘normal’ lives behind and hit the road, they were bit by the long term travel bug and an incredible thirst to explore the World.

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Best places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day is celebrated all around the world and in some places, it is the biggest celebrated holiday. We want to inspire you to get off that old bar stool that is sitting in you're hometown bar called O'Sullivan and experience a real St. Patrick's Day celebration.
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Money saving tips for visiting NYC
New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world. With the average rate of a hotel stay in NYC at over $250 a night, it's the most expensive place to visit in the United States. With expensive attractions, that price only goes up from there. However, if you're willing to do some budget research before your trip, New York City can be a surprisingly affordable place to visit.
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Can Americans travel to Cuba - complete guide
One of the hottest questions in travel right now is can Americans travel to Cuba? From the day we first decided to go and announced our trip, people have been asking us how it is possible for Americans to visit Cuba. Many people also seemed confused about travel to Cuba from the US and whether Cuba is open for Americans right now or not.
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The perfect Cuba itinerary: two weeks in Cuba
Cuba is a surprisingly huge island and while two weeks may seem like a long time to visit an island, you will find yourself hard pressed to cover even half in that number of days. Our perfect Cuba itinerary may seem slow because we wanted to take a close look at Cuba so we opted to limit our exploration to just the West and West Central areas.
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How traveling the world changed my perspective of the USA
This story starts in small town, Northern Wisconsin where I was born and raised. I had a typical American upbringing and an enjoyable childhood. I have two loving parents, a close-knit family and two amazing siblings. I completed my High School Diploma, went to college, got my degree, entered the rat race and designed my life around the 9 to 5. I fell in love, built a house and got married.
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