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Downtown Traveler is an online magazine for urban travelers who crave arts, culture and adventure.
Since their launch in 2010, They made it their mission to uncover exciting destinations and cultural attractions around the world. They believe “downtown” is a state of mind, not a point on the map. Their contributors hail from Chicago, Kuala Lumpur, Kampala and beyond. New Yorker with a passion for travel and art.

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How to take a baby on a plane: Tips for seat assignments, feeding and diaper change
Great- now other passengers roll their eyes at you! I was the person who always groaned when a couple with a baby approached my row on an airplane. Sitting next to a crying, poopy-smelling infant seemed like the kiss of death. How could I possibly relax and enjoy my infinite entertainment choices (music, magazines, apps) with this distraction?
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For very adventurous travelers: top 5 sexy attractions in San Francisco
San Francisco is known for being a city where "anything goes" - including acceptance and celebration of just about every fetish known to man. While the city's anti-nudity law went into full effect on February 1st, 2013 (a day which was marked by public protests), San Francisco has not lost its edge. Straight or gay, San Francisco is a great destination for couples who want to spice up their love lives.
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Shopping guide: the best Los Angeles flea markets
Vintage shoppers, rejoice! When I wrote my first post on Los Angeles flea markets, I had recently moved to the West Coast and didn't realize just how many markets are located in or near the city. In fact, with sunny weather 360 days a year, Los Angeles offers year-round shopping at a plethora of outdoor flea markets. It's possible to go to a different- and equally awesome- market every Sunday.
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