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She is Cassie, and Ever In Transit is her food and travel blog where she shares travel tips, stories, recipes, and quirky adventures in California and around the world. She grew up on the East Coast, but packed up everything and moved to Los Angeles after college to work at a youth hostel. She has been obsessed with travel and her adopted home of California ever since.

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10 free and cheap things to do in San Francisco
There is no doubt that San Francisco is an expensive place to visit. Luckily, some of my favorite things to do in the City by the Bay don't require a lot of cash. Here are some of my favorite free and cheap things to do in San Francisco:
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The best part of travel
Earlier today, the dog rolled in poo. I don't know whether it was hers, or whether it was from one of the neighborhood cats that use our garden as a litter box. So we had to give her a bath unexpectedly, and then spend some time cleaning the bathroom. She shook off, leaving puddles and soapy spray all over the place, as she always does.
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Carmel-By-The-Sea: the best dog friendly beach in California
For too long, I've been remiss in not sharing one of our favorite places in California: Carmel-by-the-Sea. While those of us on two legs will appreciate the quaint village near Monterey, you won't want to leave your four-legged friends at home. Carmel offers, hands down, the best dog friendly beaches in California!
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5 things to love about San Jose, California
Over the last few years, I've noticed something exciting happening in my hometown, San Jose, California. While my city has never had the coolness cred of our neighbor to the north (San Francisco), San Jose is having a bit of a moment.
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