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She is the author of two books and this here blog. She has lived in Melbourne, Australia, but holds two passports, because she was born to American parents. She has always felt conflicted about whether she is a bohemian Californian flower child or someone who gets intimate with dangerous wildlife and uses too many swear words. She is settled somewhere in the middle.

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Escaping your genetic destiny
Research shows that we can inherit anxiety and depression from our genes. If that is the case, then why even go to therapy? Why sit meditation retreats? Why hope for something different if it's already written into the code of your being?
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How to love yourself
"To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance," said Oscar Wilde, but how do you acquire self-worth when you kind of sort of hate yourself? And what is self-love anyway? (No. Not that kind of self-love. Let's keep our pants on for the time being.) I'm referring to the love a person might develop for the self in a way that is healthy and sane - not the kind of warped, narcissistic self-adoration that might make you want to rise up and, I dunno, kill six million Jews or something.
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How to listen to your gut
When you find yourself lost at the crossroads of a big life decision, people will often suggest that you simply "Trust your intuition," or perhaps "Listen to your gut." To me, this has always been confusing advice. I'm not sure about you, but my gut can only communicate in a language that sounds less like discernible words and more like an arrhythmic gurgling of digestive juices and gathering farts.
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On Funding a Creative Life
How to make money as creative. That is the question. For me, it all started with a pubic hair that wasn't mine. It was curly, blonde and extraordinarily long, and it sat on my bathroom floor, harmless if not for the fact that it had come from the crotch of a complete stranger. Three things occurred to me in no particular order:
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