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Nick & Dariece, the couple behind this blog. Went on one big trip that changed their lives forever. They realized that they didn’t want their travels to have an end date! From then on they researched and tried various jobs all over the world so that they could keep travelling. They weren’t satisfied with the routine of waking up, going to work, coming home, eating dinner, watching TV, going to bed…and repeating.

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How to quit your job & travel: the ultimate beginner's guide
How do I quit my job and travel forever? How can I possibly save enough money for travel? What are the regulations about travelling abroad full-time? What about retirement?
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How to avoid looking like a tourist in a foreign country
Making sure you don't stick out as a tourist, which makes you a more vulnerable target to criminals. It can also paint you as an undesirable guest to locals in some countries.
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10 travel items you should never forget to pack
The last thing you want to experience as you travel abroad is the heart stopping, all-consuming panic that sets in as you realize you've left something vital behind. Whether you'll be hotel hopping your way through the Caribbean or shacking up in a hostel with 5 other bunkmates, having the following items in your luggage is a surefire way to ensure travel success.
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How to travel the world when you have absolutely no money
You don't have to be rich to travel. In fact, if you're extremely savvy in your approach, you can travel with no money at all. If you're lacking bucks in the bank but you want to hit the road, then this article will help you hack your way into a life of travel, without having to save a ton of money beforehand.
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5 affordable countries worth moving to
Finding countries that are fun to travel in is easy, but finding a place that you can really settle down for a bit and call home is a whole other ball game. You need to make sure that the place you choose is affordable, has good health care, suitable grocery stores and plenty to keep you busy. We've been to 45 countries, and only a few of those destinations are places that we could actually live.
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