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They'll skip the tedious parts, the work-our-ass-off-climbing-the-social-ladder-parts that defined their 20s. At that point, they were not terribly unhappy with their lives, but a four-month barrage of personal tragedies, including two deaths in their immediate family and the realization of their inability to have children, pushed them to their limits. It broke them down in grief and forced them to truly consider what their lives were meant to be.

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Confessions of a reluctant traveller
I am not a natural traveller. I am not someone who relishes being led around some random South American bus station by a variety of well meaning but incomprehensible strangers to the front seat of a beat up old minibus and then having sacks of potatoes piled around me.
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Postcards from Russia
I really had no idea what to expect in Russia. As an American, "Russia" has always been one of those far-away places that you kind of learn about in school, but that never manages to sound like a particularly nice place to be.
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Waterfall hunting: a dog-friendly adventure in Colombia
After two years traveling by bicycle internationally with our dog, Sora, my partner Dave and I have successfully mastered the art of traveling with a dog. We have our spiel nailed down for convincing hotels to allow us to stay with her in the room. We know that the vegetarian restaurants generally allow us to bring her along, and, most importantly, we know how to find the best dog-friendly outdoor activities.
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Thai life and the art of not losing face
There's an intoxicating (or is it dizzying?) cocktail of scents as I walk out of Chiang Mai International Airport with my new co-worker at my side and my first moments of expat life. It's a mix I come to know well over the next two-and-a-half years living in the Rose of the North and the second largest city in Thailand.It's an odd combination of diesel, smoke and incense which wafts through the air at all hours. Thick. Nearly burning my lungs.
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