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She always told her friends she would work any job six months a year if she could travel the other six. Travel AND shop: her two favorite things. She saved all year in college to spend her summers backpacking in Europe, or her winter having Christmas alone in Africa. She grew up in a small town in Ohio, in a close knit family of 4. Her dad worked at General Motors and her mom is a special education aid.

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Step by step guide: travel to India made easy
Not everyone feels called to travel to India, but those who do feel it strongly and tend to have a huge desire to explore India. Traveling to India can be incredibly life-changing (I know it was for me) but it doesn't come without its struggles.
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Ask me anything: will you plan my trip to India?
I've always loved to plan trips. For me, the hardest thing is just deciding which country to go to but once I know that, let the planning begin! A lot of you ask me "will you plan my trip to India" either by asking to hire me or by sending over your entire itinerary and asking me to review it.
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How to start a travel blog from scratch the easy and cheap way (just $2.95/month)
Have you ever read my blog and thought "I could do that! I travel a lot and take good pictures, too". While travel blogging isn't as simple as traveling and taking photos, it actually is the start of a budding career! When I started my travel blog, that was my only skill and I wasn't even very good at photos back then. This post is going to share exactly how to start a travel blog from scratch the easiest and CHEAPEST way, step by step.
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10 quirky things I love about the culture in India
You don't stay in a place as long as I have unless you really love it. It's been five years since I'ved lived here and 6 since I first came traveling here. India has its challenges not just as an expat or traveler, but for Indian people - but it has a unique culture that has some charming parts to it which I haven't come across in other parts of the world.
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