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Hopscotch the Globe is the leading, award winning website, YouTube channel and travel/lifestyle brand for everything internationally inspired. This website is your one stop shop for travel tips and advice, destination guides, beauty and fashion, food adventures, DIYs, bizarre travel, reviews and much more! Kristen Sarah is a risk-taking, adventure seeking, travel junkie behind the Hopscotch the Globe brand.

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The truth about solo travel
Solo travel can seem like such a scary concept. To travel alone to a foreign land and be completely out of your comfort zone can feel intimidating, but will also one of the best things you'll ever do for yourself. I've been on several solo trips over the past 12 years and each experience taught me something new about the world and myself.
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20 ways to travel longer
You have the travel bug and you want to figure out a way to travel longer than a week or two each year. -You want to travel, but you don't have the funds. -You love travel and want to turn it into a lifestyle. -You're in school, have a job you love, but you want to travel more. -You're at a point in your life where you looking for a change.
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15 ways to save money to travel the world
Ever since I started travelling 13 years ago, I've been frequently asked the question, "How can you afford to travel so much?" It has and will continue to be one of the most asked questions and with good reason. "Travel is a privilege, " people will say. While I do agree that getting to experience the world does make you feel like the luckiest person, it's not only attainable to those with money. The idea that the rich are the ones that travel is far from the truth.
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Airstream kitchen remodel tour
The kitchen is a big feature to any house and a tiny house is no exception. I know technically we live in a travel trailer, not a shingled-roof "tiny home" you typically hear about. You'll see in this post, inside these aluminum walls is a big home in a little homes body. It's a custom-built luxury home / travel sized film studio on wheels. Take away all the hallways, basement and attic and you got yourself a tiny home.
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