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Funny thing about him: He has a fear of flying. Knowing this, his parents offered him a trip to Europe for graduating early (when he was 16). It's not that they had a lot of money, it's just that they thought for sure he would turn it down because of the flight. Haha. Little did they know that his desire to see the world would trump all obstacles.

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Singapore - things to do
Singapore is a gleaming, modern metropolis...but if you dig deep, there is still quite a bit of natural and cultural heritage to be found. Take for example the fascinating old jungle cemetery known as Bukit Brown. Abandoned for many decades, it is the final resting place for many early Chinese pioneers...and currently home to a lot of colorful wildlife-such as kingfishers, woodpeckers, and even a troop of curious monkeys!
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The soul of Singapore: dynamic street photography
There may be no better place than Singapore to explore one's love of street photography. Here you'll find a vibrant mix of culture, tradition, and activity...where the past and the present have collided in spectacular fashion.
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Samar by motorbike - an epic, solo road trip in the Philippines
Riding the island of Samar was much more of an adventure than I thought it would be. First of all, it's huge. Second, it's not so developed...and while it's great to get off the well-worn tourist path, the roads are pretty rough. Third, it was the start of the rainy season. However, the landscapes are great for photography, the locals were friendly, and the food was quite good. I'll show you...
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