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Her goal: to inspire you to live your best life through travel, as well as take your trips #BeyondTheGuidebook for immersive cultural encounters, unexpected adventures and transformative travel experiences. And here’s a little secret: you do not have to wait until you have a ton of money saved up or a travel partner — even if you’re a female — to do it. The best time to travel is now.

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35 money-saving, point-earning travel booking hacks
Like most of those who find themselves regularly on the road, I'm obsessed with finding deals, discovering travel hacks and earning points. Over the years I've discovered a number of travel booking tips, secrets and tools that allow road warriors to stretch their dollars farther, like:
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Mastering the art of solo travel
It was my senior year of college. My friends and I would soon be giving up math classes and research papers for 9-to-5 jobs and business suits. I knew that before that happened, I wanted to do something memorable; see the world for an extended period of time before entering a world of one-week-per-year vacations.
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Travel safety: how to never get pickpocketed again
During a portion of the tour when we were off the bikes, a woman I'd been chatting with got pick-pocketed in broad daylight. She had zipped her iPhone in her jacket pocket, and a thief had sneakily unzipped it and retreated with the goods. Luckily, a group member spotted it happening and the phone was retrieved.
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How to stay fit & focused with yoga on the go
Staying fit and healthy on the road can be a challenge, especially when staying in destinations where the food is oh so good but oh so fattening (I'm looking at you and your delicious tacos and tequila, Mexico). While a daily walk - or run - is a great way to explore a new city and pack in some cardio, yoga is awesome for a total body workout, no matter what your surroundings are.
Written by Jessie on a Journey - see the post
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