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She is Clelia, a self-ironic girl, born on a beautiful Italian Island: Sardinia. At age 19 she left her parents’ house and started her nomadic life. She first explored her beautiful Italy, living in Turin and Rome for a few years. She had a prestigious job, a good salary and a studio flat all to herself. She was living in one of the coolest European Capitals. She had the “perfect life” but she wasn’t really happy.

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Why I won't change who I am because I'm a travel blogger.
One day - not long ago- I was walking down a random street in Playa when I was stopped by a super excited girl who somehow recognized me and my blog. After a moment of embarrassment, we started talking and since I am terrible at acting cool, I was simply. myself. At the end of the meeting she told me "Wow, you are exactly the same person as I imagined you to be by reading your blog!"
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Travel advice: 10 tips to follow for a trouble-free trip!
Everyone knows that I am (was?) a travel disaster, at least during the early stages of my trip. I made quite a few mistakes and that is exactly why I can now help you in avoiding them! How cool is to just buy a one-way ticket to explore new exciting countries, but I highly doubt that there is even one person out there that never experience any issue during a trip.
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How to plan your trip to Thailand!
Everything I wish I knew before heading to Thailand for the first time. In here you will find all the info you need for a smashing holiday in the land of smiles, read on!
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Everything is possible: this guy has cycled for more than 50.000 km around the world!
These were the main triggers that pushed Dino Lanzaretti (renamed by me "the Gladiator") to pedal the highest, loneliest and most difficult roads in the world, and these are the things that made him a source of inspiration for me and for all the people who have met this incredible guy!
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