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His name is Robert. In 2009, He left his entire life behind to seek out freedom, adventure and meaning. He started this blog to inform, inspire, entertain and empower travelers like you to do the same thing. Scroll down to read his latest blog posts, to sign up for his Travel Coaching service or to learn more about partnering with Leave Your Daily Hell.

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When your luck runs out on the road
Have you ever had an absolutely unlucky day-or days-on the road? I recently (as in just this morning) endured a grueling gauntlet of negative serendipity, and by the end of it I thought I was going to break.
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How to build travel into your budget
You don't need to be rich to travel-you just need to be smart. I'm living proof of this, having taken my first four overseas trips while working as a waiter, then using a low-paying gig as an English teacher in China to navigate my way out of the rat race for good.
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Is this America's most beautiful road trip?
Whether you're a foreigner taking a dream trip around America or a US citizen seeing the West Coast for the first time, there are few more fulfilling ways to enjoy California than with a Pacific Coast Highway road trip. From dramatic coastal scenery, to world-class gastronomy and accommodation, to a great climate all year round, the PCH is one of the most iconic stateside drives for a reason.
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Three choice days in Chiang Mai
The phrase "Chiang Mai is the new Bangkok" may soon have literal implications. Fears of sea level rise have motivated scores of Bangkokians to buy property in the hub of Thailand's north, although that alone doesn't account for all the changes Chiang Mai has undergone in recent years.
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