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She started this blog back in 2006 when she decided to quit her job, chuck most of her stuff, and travel around the world for what was supposed to be one year. More than a decade later, the blog is still going strong. She wants to inspire YOU to get out of your comfort zone — travel more (and travel longer and farther), meet more locals, try different foods, and live the life you want to. Traveling around the world.

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Get out of your comfort zone
I'm sure you already heard this a dozen of times: real travelers go out of their comfort zone, they seek adventures and look for those activities that are heart-pumping and soul-frightening. I'm not saying that might not be the case, but I am saying you too can be a real traveler. Try to remember the last big holiday or trip you made. How much did you plan for it? How much time did you allow yourself to experience the unexpected?
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How to travel and lose weight
I never even thought I could be one of those people and now I want to keep saying it out loud as much as possible so I continue to live up to it. I have always been an inconsistent exerciser. At best, I worked out 3-4 times a week, at worst I'd not really do a thing for several weeks in a row.
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Video tips: improve your webcam videos
Today so many of you are recording videos even if that means just using your webcam to do interviews, vlogs, or conference calls. Just because it's the webcam and not some fancy-schmancy camera set up does not mean you have an excuse to produce a poor video. There are still simple and small adjustments you can make to improve it and make yourself look good on camera!
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8 tips to improve your food photography
It seems so normal nowadays to be at a restaurant while folks whip out their smart phones to snap pics of their dish as its presented. I can't knock it as I'm one of these people. Of course, I've been doing this for a long time since I've reported on food and restaurants for 15+ years in Chicago and now around the world, but it used to be with a crew and a video camera. We've been shooting "food porn" long before it was a hashtag. Now everyone is a "food photographer."
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How to save big money on your vacation
I'm a scuba diver who travels the world three times a year. My last three trips included the Philippines, Barbados, and Spain. How can I travel so often? I pay 25-75 percent less than most by knowing how to work the system. If you want to vacation more, it just takes some effort and knowing some travel secrets to save you money.
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