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Melissa has been a working mountain guide since 2004. She is a passionate seeker of shared adventures and perfecting the balance of learning and teaching. As an athlete, she is in competition with only herself, constantly pushing her own limits and trying to be the best mountain traveler she can be. Melissa is the first American woman to successfully summit and descend Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen.

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Custom adventures are guided trips that offer a way for us to share our experience and love of the mountains on an adventure that is fully suited to you. Every variable can be customized to create a mountain adventure that is perfect for you. Custom adventures are a chance for you to learn and challenge yourself with us. Whether you are a highly experienced mountain traveler or you are just getting into the outdoors, we can create a trip for you.
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Gear recommendations
Nearly every day I get asked for recommendations on various pieces of outdoor gear. It is hard to make general recommendations because every adventure is different, but here I am providing a look at my favorite basic overnight/alpine kit. This can change depending on the trip and if you have a specific question feel free to shoot us an email! You will also notice that many of the items listed are made by my sponsors.
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