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Her name is Andi Fisher and she is pleased to meet you and share a little about who she is. She is a full-time corporate gal with over 20+ of experience in content marketing and social media. In November 2015, she quit her job in San Francisco, sold her house in Berkeley and her hubby and she bought an RV! During 2016, they escaped the old life and traveled throughout the U.S.

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My San Francisco guide
I get lots of questions about San Francisco so I decided to put together all the posts that I've written about one of the best cities in the world do that you'll have the information in one place. (You're welcome!)
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A San Francisco weekend for foodies
Whenever I chat with people about weekend trips, I often hear about trips to Vegas, trips to LA, etc. You people are missing out! A San Francisco weekend chock full of food exploits is the place to be!
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Top tacos in El Paso
I grew up an Army brat moving every two or three years to a new state or a new country. I don't remember all the details about every place I lived, but I do have fragments that make for a really great childhood full of fond memories. Given my devout interest in all things food, it would probably not surprise you that a lot of my memories are associated with local cuisines.
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The best tamales in Phoenix
Who has the best tamales in Phoenix? Fear not, I'm on the trail! In the Southwest, much like my experiences in Hispanic-influenced California, tamales are an important part of holiday eating. I've only just moved to Phoenix, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to dive right in. I'm a sucker for food challenges.
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Fantastic balloon rides around the world
You don't have to travel to Albuquerque to attend the International Balloon Fiesta (or one of the other amazing balloon festivals around the world) to have a great hot air balloon experience, although I HIGHLY recommend going to Albuquerque! There are fantastic hot air balloon rides that you can do all around the world. I put out the call and asked travel bloggers to tell me about their favorite balloon experience from the far corners of the earth.
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