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Her name is Andrea, but everyone calls her Andi. She leads an extremely dichotomous life of both wanting to flutter her wings around the world and document her beautiful adventures through writing and photography, as well as focus on her true calling of being a Chinese Medicine Doctor. It is a constant game of tug-of-war that she plays with herself and she is always working on balancing all of her passions.

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Top active vacation spots you can visit with your family
If you and your family like to stay active while on vacation, whether swimming, snorkeling, diving, cycling, hiking, kayaking, caving, or otherwise keeping fit and enjoying the elements, you will find numerous destinations around the globe that are worth putting on your bucket list. Read on for some of the top spots you might want to visit with your family this year, and beyond.
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Four ways to properly plan for a family road trip
Taking road trips with your family from time to time can help you to be able to bond with one another and see new and exciting things together. Before heading out on the road trip, it is important to make sure that you properly plan for it, so that everything can go as smoothly as possible once you are out on the open road. This guide will walk you through a few ways you can prepare for your next family road trip:
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Make an ordinary rail journey an extraordinary one!
Different people have their different ways of traveling. If you go on journeys by train, then you might be having your way of perfect journey right? So, what exactly a perfect journey is? Well, a journey that keeps you comfortable, light, and fresh is a perfect one.
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Twelve idioms that get lost in translation
Idioms are some of the most beautiful and creative parts of any language. Combining striking imagery with humorous phrasing, they are a fun way of making an observation on a situation. Not only that, they can also give us wonderful insight into different cultures and how they see the world.
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