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They are Yeison and Samantha, a couple living on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Samantha is an Asian-American from Washington state and Yeison is a Costa Rican. They met in 2010 in Nicaragua, did the whole long distance dating thing for 2 years and Samantha moved to Costa Rica summer of 2012. Ever since then, they have been traveling around Costa Rica and sharing their stories, tips and experiences.

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10 best places in Costa Rica for first time visitors
Costa Rica is a small country at only 51,100 km (19,653 sq mi), a little smaller than West Virginia and a little bit bigger than Denmark. When you look at it on a map, it seems like you can easily road trip the whole country in a week.
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Prepare yourself - 15 things to know about Costa Rica before you go
Costa Rica's tourism is booming and though North Americans are still the main demographic, travelers from all over the world are choosing Costa Rica for their vacation due to cheap airplane tickets. We recently met some Germans in the Osa Peninsula and had a very interesting chat with them.
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10 mistakes to avoid traveling in Costa Rica
We love talking to other travelers in Costa Rica to hear about their experiences and thoughts. Our goal is to get as much feedback to constantly improve our blog so whenever we have a chance, we ask them what they think of the country, where their favorite place is and if they would come back.
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50 of our favorite exciting things to do in Costa Rica
Are you planning a trip to Costa Rica but not sure which activities to do? We know the feeling! It's hard to pick just a few when there are so many amazing things to do. And with Costa Rica's many lush jungles, impressive volcanoes and hidden beaches, you can have an unforgettable vacation experiencing nature like you never have before.
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