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Sebastian loves the adventure and cannot get enough from travelling! He is happy to share his best travel tips and personal stories on Off The Path with you, so that you can travel the world like he does! You want to see the world and experience new adventures but don’t have a big budget? It’s possible! Because if you stick to a few simple guidelines you can make some smart savings when traveling.

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Get lost and find yourself again in these 10 inspirational places!
Not only is traveling the best schooling there is, it also helps you get to know yourself better, to listen to yourself and in the end to find yourself.
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How to overcome jetlag: 10 tips that really work!
You know that feeling don't you? You step off the plane, full of excitement and anticipation after a long flight. And you're smacked in the face with fatigue. You've gotten very little sleep and your body feels like it's hung over. How nice it would be, you think, to settle yourself down into bed right about now. But it's lunchtime in your new home - hello jet lag!
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Traveling on your own and yet not alone - 9 tips how to not be alone
For someone who always traveled with friends, family or his/her partner and is used to having people around at home and on the road it will be difficult at first to imagine that traveling alone can be a really great alternative.
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Winter escapes: 23 sunny places to feel good!
ou are tired of the cold, the rain and the sleet and only getting a few hours of sunshine in a day? Now that Christmas and the nice atmosphere around it are over winter depression is not far. But why freeze and be in a shitty mood when you can also get away for a few days or even weeks and seek refuge in the sun?
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