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He's Johnny, an Irish guy who left home 10 years ago with no money but with a dream to live a better life. He taught English in Asia, traveled a lot, ran out of money. Figured there was more. So he started his blog, started 'working' as he traveled, made over $1m USD from blogging and now he is free. Oh, and he traveled to every single country on the planet as he blogged.

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The perfect Ireland road trip itinerary
So, after visiting every single country in the world (all 197/197!), it was time to go back home and properly explore my country on an Ireland road trip, both the North and the South. This was my Irish homecoming and I couldn't have been more excited.
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One day in Dublin
Traveled every single country in the world, from Yemen to Somalia, but I hadn't traveled my own country - that was an embarrassment I had to put right. So I invited one of my best buddies, Josh (the co-founder of our charity,, drew up an awesome 2-week road-trip itinerary and got ready to go, first though, how best to spend just one day in Dublin?
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Travel hacking for dummies (or lazy people like me!)
Not a day goes past without me seeing some viral news story about some girl or guy who 'travel hacks' (whatever that means) and flies from Los Angeles to Rome for $100 or gets some crazy business-class flight from Dublin to Tokyo for less than $1k. "Watch how this travel hacker does it" blah blah etc. I travel, a lot, as you guys know but I've never worked out this travel hacking game, which kinda pains me, to be honest.
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Travel workout; staying fit while you travel routine
Travel workout; staying in shape when you travel. I spend a lot of my life on the road, and a lot of my life in Bangkok, Thailand where I'm based. When I'm in Bangkok, I work out a lot and try to get in good shape, eat well, train hard. Recently I undertook a transformation in Bangkok where I lived like a monk - cut out sugar, basic carbs, alcohol for a while and trained twice a day, and I felt great.
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Teaching English in Thailand. My experience living and working in Chiang Mai.
Over 10 years ago, before I was a blogger, before I started my charity ( The GiveBackGiveAway), before I made $1m+ blogging, and before I visited every country in the world, I was stuck in Ireland. I had finished University in the summer of 2006, worked at a summer camp in the USA, traveled around the US and now I wanted to travel. But I had no money.
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