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She is the voice behind “Oneika the Traveller”, an award-winning travel blog dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, and empowering women and people of color to see the world. More specifically, she seeks to demystify travel for oft-marginalized groups in a disarming manner– often using her own experiences as a black female who travels extensively around the world to do so.

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10 countries every black woman should visit | traveling while black
Are you a black woman who travels? Here are ten destinations to add to your travel bucket list. I've written often about how "Traveling While Black" is different. In a number of places around the world, your black skin color will get you noticed; while most of it is positive, I've wondered aloud about whether I should be mad at all the extra attention.
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A different perspective: introducing my new "black expats" video series!
My new video series chronicling the African-American/Black expat experience. This year I want to tell other people's stories more so I'm very excited and proud to put out the first video in my new series focusing on the Black expat experience.
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Travel, politics, and why I blog about both
I'm always disheartened by readers telling me I'm getting "too political" on my blog or on this page. Guys, sorry to break it to you, but travel IS political. It involves governments, accords, commerce, and currencies; different visas, different religions, and adapting to different ways of thinking, living, and doing. And as I've said many a time, travel isn't always light and fun, it's not only about taking a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower or budget travel in Southeast Asia.
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How i made over $100k a year teaching overseas
Teaching overseas can be very lucrative- I earned a six figure yearly salary teaching abroad. Here's how I did it, and how you can, too. If you follow my adventures on Instagram or Facebook you'll know that I travel a lot. On average, I travel anywhere from 3 to 5 times a month; last year I journeyed to 27 countries for both work and play.
Written by Oneika The Traveller - see the post
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