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She has been traveling and living on the road (yes, homeless) since 2006. How did she become a digital wanderer, New Nomad, career break guru, and have the most enviable job in the world? She quit her corporate IT job in 2006 and said goodbye to blackberries, meetings and New York City. Her original intention was to simply take a career break and come back after a year and determine next steps.

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How to overcome travel fears
Your heart races, you start to sweat, and a state of intense fear overcomes you; this is terror. I'm one of those people who hate watching scary movies, I never go in haunted houses (thanks to some scarring incidents as a kid), and I don't watch shows about ghost hunters.
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99 best life and travel tips
I plan very little these days. After 9 years I have a system that just works now and I don't even really think about it. However, these tips are things I still do today as I travel.
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Why I want to go back to Ireland & bring you with me
It was love at first sight. I pretty much fell in love with Ireland the moment I saw her. She seduced me with rolling, emerald, sheep-dotted hills and plains of gray-green stone. She stirred my wild side with reckless winds tearing across rocky cliffs, and underneath her incredible expanse of sky, she stole my heart. She is a land of myth and music - full of lovely, welcoming people with adventurous hearts and a great gift for weaving stories.
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Best places for North Americans to travel in winter
I visited my parents in South Dakota this holiday and was reminded of how harsh the Great Planes can be in the winter. As the whole US seems to be in a deep freeze right now it's only natural to look out that frosted up window and dream of the warm sun hitting your face and basking in the golden glow.
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