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A year-long honeymoon? A temporary retirement trip while their bones and joints can still carry them strong? Call it what you will, they are a 20- (pushing 30-) something couple from Chicago, USA living their dream of exploring the world. While they watched most of their friends idle away their 20s climbing the corporate ladder, they have spent most of theirs traveling the world.

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Thailand: the ultimate holiday
Our time in Asia was coming to a close. Our journey had taken us from incredible India to the breathtaking heights of Nepal. We witnessed the natural splendor of tragic Tibet and grew wildly fascinated with Big Brother China. We lingered in lackadaisical Laos and had our hearts broken in Burma and Cambodia. We'd survived countless overnight journeys on rickety buses, blackened our lungs on one too many rickshaws and even shared a train car with rats.
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A Chinese reality check
When I pictured China, I imagined grand, dilapidated stone walls guarding ancient cities dotted with colorful pagodas. I envisioned quaint, wooden tea houses lined with cherry blossoms and a countryside covered in rice paddies and ox carts. I pictured enormous, polluted cities where street sweepers shaded themselves under bamboo hats while dodging vegetable carts and barefoot children begging in the streets.
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Seven days in Tibet
We had a mere seven days in Tibet. It wasn't enough time to dive deep into the culture or gain any real insights on this dying nation. What it did offer was a glimpse at the natural splendor of the country and a window into the life of the Tibetan people.
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Homeward bound
I'm in Moshi, Tanzania enjoying my morning cup of chai. The rooster crowing begs cloud-shrouded Mt. Kilimanjaro to peak out above me, revealing the fresh blanket of snow she received from the storm brewing the night before. I hear the whooshing sound of straw brooms whisking storefronts clean of the dusty roads amidst Swahili calls of "Jambo! Mambo?" from street-side vendors.
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