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They currently split their time between living in their Winnebago Travato 59K camper van, a 1,000 square foot studio-style loft, and hotel rooms, especially while traveling internationally. One of the most common questions they are asked is “Sooo…how is it, living in such a small space?”, which may just be a polite way of asking “Don’t you want to kill each other yet?” Their answer: “Actually, it’s been great, as long as they identify when they need a break from the small space or each other and take it!”

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How we stay (mostly) sane living in a small space
Sometimes we get rather restless and grumpy when we can't go outside much, like if it rains for an extended period, there are lots of insects of the biting or stinging variety, or if it's too hot or cold. It's also an issue when we're camping in a public or very cramped area and can't extend our living space outside, which is what we consider our true "living room".
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Honey, I shrunk our RV: we travel in a van now!
We're not anti-bigger RVs now - far from it! We really enjoyed leasing the Trek motorhome for our voyage to Alaska last summer. There was plenty of storage space for bringing all the supplies we needed, more living area to entertain or stay indoors in bad weather (and we experienced quite a bit of it that year!)
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Our once-in-a-lifetime RV road trip to Alaska
We spent two full months exploring Alaska, plus a couple additional weeks traversing western Canada en route. It was an epic journey in every sense - mind-blowingly gorgeous, awe-inspiring, humbling. At times, it was also exhausting, frustrating, and a lesson in patience. Overall, an extraordinary adventure worth taking, and we'll cherish the memories from it of the rest of our lives.
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Queen of the road: RVing ladies share their best driving tips
Since we started traveling by RV, we've noticed that in most RVer relationships, there's a tendency for one person to do most, or even all, of the driving. Now, that's just an observation on our part and not backed up by any statistics whatsoever. I mean, who really has time for that?
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