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She sold her stuff and quit her 9-5 job. She can’t remember when she first decided that her husband Brian and her should chuck it all and travel. She does know that when the idea found its way into her head she was instantaneously infected with it and absolutely certain that she’d give up almost anything to do it. She absolutely knew for sure, that a 9-to-5-in-a-cubicle kind of life was not what her life was for.

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Welcome to the New Age
It's because of our friends Judd and Amanda that we became fixated on the idea of buying crystals. During our stay in Portland they told us of their own personal hunt for the perfect crystals. "Judd wears his around his neck," said Amanda, and Judd tugged a fabric string under his shirt to reveal a pouch heavy with the weight of magic stones.
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It is all real life
It has been a crazy, crazy few weeks. We've driven thousands of miles and visited too many cities to count. A new city every day. I am tired. This lifestyle is very easy to idealize. People often say to us, "You're living the dream."
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A stake on the map: 1 month in a tent
Last week was our "hell week." We were in Boulder, Colorado and we had 4 presentations in 4 days (Lone Tree, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Boulder) and then on the final day we filmed video for Backpacker Magazine for 8 hours and then went directly to a presentation where many of the Backpacker bigwigs watched us perform.
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On the road again
On Saturday morning Brian and I set out on our new adventure as Backpacker Magazine's Get Out More Tour Ambassadors. If you aren't up to date on the blog, we'll be traveling around the U.S.A. for 7 months, living out of a tent, and stopping in almost 40 states to deliver a presentation about backpacking skills and gear and to hopefully inspire people to get out more and live their biggest adventures.
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Inspired in New York, New York
I am not a city person. I'll take mountains and fresh air over skyscrapers and honking taxis any day of the week. "You'll hate it," Brian said, when I told him that I wanted to visit New York City before launching off on our travels abroad. "It's crowded and the subways smell like piss and rat poisoning. There's garbage piled everywhere on the streets."
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