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Solo Traveler is more than just a site – it’s a community where people who share a passion for traveling alone exchange tips, suggestions and encouragement. On the site they publish posts on the how and why of solo travel, They also feature weekly posts on solo travel destinations and photos generously contributed by readers. You can join this vibrant community of travelers by leaving comments on any of the site’s posts.

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How to travel alone without being lonely: 10 tips & 12 posts
Not every solo traveler is concerned about this but, we hear it often enough, "I want to travel alone but I'm afraid I'll be lonely."
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Solo Travel. Mindful Travel.
When I travel with family and friends, my awareness and appreciation of my travel experiences are somewhat compromised. Decisions are made collaboratively. Responsibilities are shared. You do this, I'll do that. I find that my memories of such trips are incomplete.
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First time solo travel: tips for newbies
Are you planning to travel solo for the very first time? Are you a little anxious about it? Some people don't give their plan to travel solo a second thought. Others live with anxiety at every stage of the planning process. For others still, it only comes on at the 11th hour. They are about to leave and start to panic.
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Travel problems: prevention and what to do when things go wrong
When you travel solo it's all up to you. Navigation, negotiation, safety. every decision is yours. Which is great when everything is great! But it may not be when there is a problem. If something goes wrong as you travel solo you're pretty well on your own to find a solution.
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Why travel solo? 12 reasons and a personal note
Why travel solo? Eight and a half years ago, when I started Solo Traveler, I was asked this question all the time. But we get it. All of us who travel solo understand why we choose to explore the world alone.
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How to save money for travel: top tips to save
A new year brings New Year's resolutions which, for many of our readers, will focus on how to save money for travel. Saving money can be a daunting task. But as with most of life's challenges, pick it apart and it will be easier to solve. Even if the ability to save was not bred in your bones, it can be learned.
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