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She has traveled alone. she has traveled with company. She has stayed in hotels that had mints on their pillows. She has stayed in places she hopes to never see again, like that hostel-trailer park outside of Rome. She has lived in a foreign country. She still has a home in Denver, Colorado. She has a real family and a few foreign host families in Florence and Sorrento.

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Trip planning
For some travelers, trip planning can be a time consuming, tear your hair out process. From packing your bags to searching for the right hotel, plotting your next adventure eats up the clock and leaves you mentally drained before you even set foot out the door. If you don't have the time to scour hundreds of hotel reviews, flight routes, car rental options and even tours and activities to sign up for, allow me to get you there.
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Far from foul's gold, a priceless road trip on Colorado's million dollar highway
Put most simply, I am by no means a daredevil. I shudder at the thought of a roller coaster. Skydiving is not on my bucket list. Despite being a Colorado native, I don't enjoy skiing. Before you assume I'm simply no fun, I can explain. I was born with a predisposition to worry. While I try to not borrow trouble before trouble borrows me, I can't help myself. As I gripped the armrest of my Sienna minivan with fervor, I shrieked at my husband behind the wheel, yelling, "Careful!"
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In sickness and health, how to survive food poisoning while traveling
Over six months have passed and I think I can finally talk about my worst trip to date. I can tell you the exact moment the norovirus hit me on my last trip to Europe. I was walking into a hotel in the Frankfurt Airport, ready to go home the next day after dealing with a Croatian sailing trip from hell, and then something didn't feel right. Within the hour, the bathroom became my best friend and I thought it was very possible Germany would be the last country I would ever see.
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