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They hit the road in 2006 and haven’t stopped since. They combine technology and perpetual travel (tech+nomad) to create a sustainable lifestyle on their own terms that they switch up as they feel called. As of spring 2017, they have two nomadic homes. In winters they roam by land in their 1961 vintage bus conversion and the warmer months they slowly cruise by motoryacht exploring the Great Loop (America’s intercoastal waterways, canals and rivers).

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Change - the only constant (thoughts as we embark on our next chapter)
Life is about learning, exploring and expanding your comfort zones. Whenever you make a shift, you're bound to go through emotions and even a decent dose of naysayers who want to interject their words of caution and try to steer you away from your dreams.
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Vacation?!? wait, aren't we always on vacation?
Despite common opinion, full time nomads are not on a permanent vacation. Even those not working full time like ourselves. Sure, life on the road has us constantly exploring new places, and the lines between vacation and normal life get awfully blurred. But there's probably no doubt that our own lives could not be mistaken for a vacation in the past few months.
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Boat vs TV - first impressions of living aboard a boat & differences from RV living
We've now been living aboard our boat Y-Not for 2 months, and it seems like a good time to share some of our initial thoughts on the lifestyle differences from our RV-life. This is by no means a competition between RV and boat life - we absolutely love RVing, and look forward to moving back aboard Zephyr seasonally. And these are just initial impressions, two months does not make us experts on the subject. But we did want to capture our thoughts while they were fresh in our mind.
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Awesome Campsites - Tips for Selecting the BEST Site!
The right site in a campground can be the difference between a crappy experience and an awesome one. What makes a site great for you, will likely differ than what makes a site great for us. We personally love sites with great views and maximum privacy - we prefer to see a field, trees or water out our window, instead of neighboring RVs. We like to step out of our RV into our own defined space and not feel like we're stepping out on a stage.
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