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She shares her love for travel and where she tries to help you travel in a way that suits your budget and your lifestyle. Travel can be done so many different ways! For some, that might mean a one week stay at an all inclusive resort, a two week whirlwind tour of Europe, a month long language course abroad, a six month internship in a developing community, or a year long RTW backpacking adventure.

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10 tips for travelling on a Eurail pass
This past summer I spent 2 months travelling around Europe with a Eurail pass, where I took a total of 12 trains through 8 cities and 7 different countries. Over the course of the trip I rode a mix of high-speed trains and regional trains, I sat in crowded trains and empty trains, and I even missed a few tight connections.
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Sleeping in airports: tips to help you catch some zzz's
I've spent many a night sleeping in airports, but the one that most stands out in my mind is the night that kicked off my backpacking trip across Southeast Asia.rel="noopener" target="_blank">see the post. . .
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How to get ridiculously cheap flights on your next trip!
Everyone likes to get cheap flights, myself included, and over the past few years of travel, I've learned a trick or two! I'm not a flight hacker and I don't collect frequent flyer points as often as I should, but despite this, I have managed to score some incredible airfare deals.
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How can you afford to travel around the world?
I get this question from readers at least once a week, so rather than keep answering every person individually, here's my answer to all who are wondering the same - how can she afford to travel all over the world?!
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