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Welcome to The Blonde Abroad. An award-winning female travel & lifestyle blog featuring travel tips, fashion and photography from around the world. Kiersten is a California native, who, not too long ago, left her career in corporate finance to become a world traveler. You are never too old, too busy, or too blonde to pause what you’re doing and take some time to follow your dreams.

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10 of the safest destinations for solo female travelers
I've written quite a few articles on solo female travel tips and why every woman should venture out on her own but, I'm often asked, "Where is it safe for women to travel solo?"
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My ultimate guide to solo female travel
Research before you go-weather, local customs, dress codes. Make sure you know the basics of what to expect before you step off the plane. You'll make better choices and get the most out of your trip. Is it your first time traveling solo? The most important thing to take with you is common sense. Always book your first night's stay regardless-you'll rest easily knowing you won't have to deal with finding a hotel while jet lagged. And always have a backup plan.
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10 mistakes made by solo female travelers
If you are taking your first solo adventure abroad, there are a few easy mistakes you can make that can cause an inconvenience or even ruin your journey.
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How to meet people as a solo traveler
Traveling solo is one of the best ways learn about yourself, but also to meet like-minded travelers. People are open-minded and curious, and often gung-ho to have new and thrilling experiences. However, it can also be a challenge to find fellow adventurers at first.
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10 tips for taking your first solo trip
One of the biggest challenges of traveling solo is actually making the decision to go- to book your flight and pack your bag. The reality of solo travel is very different to what most people think, and maybe can be completely different than even you imagine.
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