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She is Natasha. She lives in Dubai but have found the feeling of ‘home’ in places scattered all over the planet.There’s nothing she loves more than to lose herself in the comfortable chaos of new markets, sweet exhaustion of scenic trails, fragrant aromas of foreign cuisines, stories of vibrant cultures, and the warm smiles of the amazing people that she feels lucky to meet.

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Ten tips for women traveling alone for the first time
I am planning to go on a solo trip. first time I'll be travelling alone. So I'm kind of confused on how it will be or what to expect. Any pointers on travelling solo? I have mixed feelings. don't know how it'll go."
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Why I'll never tell you to travel without fear (and why I don't either)
In the quiet of the night, in a little cobbled Italian town, I became faintly aware of a presence, hovering above me as I lay asleep on my bed in my hotel room, apparently, not as soundly as I thought. My consciousness played hide-and-seek, drifting in and out.
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Travel is not a race and other reasons why I travel slow and return to the places I love
Over my morning cup of tea, I scroll through my Facebook feed with a mind that's far more restless than my right thumb. My social feeds are inundated with photos of clinking wine glasses, boarding passes, infinity pools, sweeping valley views, Parisian macaroons, and Go Pro-esque kayak selfies among other updates from my travel blogger friends who are always either enroute or exploring somewhere new.
Written by The Boho Chica - see the post
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