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He is profoundly deaf in both ears. Throughout his solo travels in the last two years, he has noticed a keen interest from other travellers about his deafness and how his deafness influences his travelling experience. From the bad to the good and to the downright hilarious, he often tells his story to many people destroying stereotypes, discrimination and raising awareness of they can support deaf travellers.

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Travelling solo with a cochlear implant around the world
'You're not going to travel around the world especially if you're deaf' A friend said to rain on my parade over a coffee when I revealed my intentions. I was still in my corporate job and I firmly declared what I would be doing six months later. I just gathered enough money to buy a round the world ticket and I was determined to buy it the next day. Talk about shooting dreams down now.
Written by The Deaf Traveller - see the post
5 annoying sayings deaf travellers hear on the road
I don't know about other deaf travellers, but during the last two years of travelling around the world with just me and both my hearing aids, I get used to five annoying different sayings I often hear uttered back at me from fellow travellers and locals upon meeting them. How do I respond? With ingenuity.
Written by The Deaf Traveller - see the post
The deaf traveller's standard hearing aid packing guide
If you're going on a round the world trip, a city break, a beach holiday or more, then you know packing your bag can be a tense situation (thank you flight carry on weight and size restrictions!) But before I even think about grabbing my clothes, shades or even my toothbrush, I lay out what I need to support my deafness while I'm travelling.
Written by The Deaf Traveller - see the post
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