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Geraldine DeRuiter’s husband Rand has a job that takes him around the world. After she was laid off from her job, she started tagging along with him and blogging their experiences at the Everywhereist… She says she blogs to help Rand remember where they’ve been and what they’ve seen. But this consistently clever site lets the rest of us go along for the ride too — even when the couple is just hanging out at home in Seattle.

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The faded glory of Route 66
My immigrant parents, while bestowing upon me the gift of worldliness, with their accents and many passports and the ease with which they code-switched, yelling at one another in English, German, Italian, and Russian, left a glaring omission in my childhood: there was no Americana.
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The horror of hotel bathroom magnifying mirrors
I have a brilliant idea for a horror movie. It would begin like this: A couple - a young man and woman - enter a hotel room. For the purposes of casting, let's say that the man, dark-haired, bearded and handsome, will be played by Joshua Jackson. And the woman will be played by me (SHUT UP IT'S MY BLOG).
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How to explain Trump while traveling abroad
Being an American on the road, you often become an ambassador of sorts for your country and culture, and I find myself answering a lot of questions from friends, family, and the occasional well-meaning stranger about the U.S.
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The real reason I hate traveling alone
When I got home, I cried. Finally. Rand hugged me, wore that same worried look he gets on his face when something goes wrong and he's not there for it. For a long time I wondered what it was about me that meant the second I went on a trip on my own, things started to fall apart.
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