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The Travel Tester shows you authentic, immersive experiences that lead to self-development: The Travel Tester is a travel and lifestyle magazine encouraging you to try new things. They LOVE to help you choose authentic, immersive experiences around the world that improve your quality of life. And The Travel Tester is a cultural travel blog focusing on self-development through travel.

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Let's explore more of our universe by visiting one of these famous observatories around the world!
There are so many observatories around the world, but for Space Nation Orbit, I wrote an article about some of the most amazing observatories that you can actually visit yourself. Which one of those have you been to already?
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How to make your introvert personality shine on your next trip
The Travel Tester explores the complex world of introvert travel and gives you practical tips on how to get the most out of your introvert personality on your next adventure.
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The Amsterdam city guide book review: over 400 hotspots from the #1 city blog from Amsterdam
I've know Anne for a couple of years now and it's amazing to see her rock the blog and create some many amazing products! Besides the Amsterdam City Guide, she also published the book 'Wanderlust' (full of travel and lifestyle tips) and launched an app, and I'm sure there is plenty more awesomeness to come in the next years. Let's have a look at her book on Amsterdam, my sweet old hometown (so spoiler alert: I might be a bit biased!)
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Japan traveler's companion book review: a complete overview of Japan's highlights
My collection of books around Japan and the Japanese language never seems to stop growing. I'm such a huge fan of this country! Whether I'm planning a trip or not, many of these books just inspire me by browsing through them and realizing in what a wonderful world we live.
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